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at least i'd lose this sense of sensing something else / that hides away / from me and you

random thoughts.

i love the kickstand. i love it even more when every day for the past week i've run into mario and those kids. i think tonight was the first night in the past week that i didn't run into them. but i did go earlier than normal.

aaron sprinkle covering the cure = pure delight. i've been listening to a lot of him lately. probably because i saw him live and it inspired me to listen to more of it.

i am a schmuck. people should deal with it and move on.

i need to shave my beard. or trim it. or something. it's getting burly.

death cab is tomorrow night. yay for that. yay for free tickets.

i am skipping out on a day and a half of work this week. on top of that, veteran's day is thursday, so no work that day either.

my car should be getting fixed this week. pluses: i have a car. no more bus. no more walking. no more mooching rides. i can have a "normal" social life. minuses: it'll be a "birthday gift" from my dad. there's other things i'd rather get for my birthday than a new alternator. i don't really have money for insurance. gas money.

hmph, that is all.
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